Vision & Mission
Quality Circle Forum of India shall be the National Center for the Propagation to Quality Concepts and philosophy through Synergistic team work with special focus on Quality Circles for promotinghumanistic scientific, social and spiritual development of people.
1. To impart education and training with special emphasis to the FIRST LINE EMPLOYEES, Middle & top Management     on Quality      Concepts both manufacturing and service sectors.
2. To enable organizations to meet the business, challenges and remain competitive through total employee involvement for     Quality      efforts.
3. To keep abreast in the knowledge of Quality concepts. Share and disseminate to institutional members and others.
4. To develop the holistic personality of the employees and create total Quality persons (TQP)
1. Commitment to our VISSION & MISSION.
2. To respect, care, concern & service to our clients and fellow members.
3. Honesty and Integrity in all our dealings.
4. Team work in all our activities to achieve excellence.
5. Trust and Transparency.
6. Service to the Nation through Quality promotion.
Hyderabad Chapter is involved in propagation of Quality Concepts such as QCs, 5-S, Kaizen etc., through Education & Training.
Every employee is endowed with knowledge related to the work area and it given opportunity and motivations will realize full potential.
Quality Circles involve and empower the ordinary workers in the achievement of the larger goals. Quality Circles empower ordinary people to form small groups among themselves and apply their collective mind to find solutions to problem s confronting them. In the process, they build team work, self esteem and the pride and satisfaction of implementing their own solutions for the larger good. Countless such small groups spread across organizations all over a country can cumulatively change the face of a country.
The key to the concept is empowerment and bestowing recognition, which will unleash creative potential in the employees and their involvement in the productivity of the industry.
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